The Logistics Hall of Fame


 The Logistics Hall of Fame honours leading figures who have made outstanding efforts to promote the further development of logistics and supply chain management. This eternal pantheon is designed to ensure that future generations of logisticians do not forget the efforts and commitment of those who went before them.

In addition, the Hall of Fame aims to document outstanding achievements in logistics and to encourage and promote innovations. In this way, it raises public awareness for the performance capability and innovative drive of logistics, helping to underpin the competitiveness and improve the image of the entire logistics sector. The Logistics Hall of Fame was founded in 2003®.



Ten things you should know about the Logistics Hall of Fame




The international Logistics Hall of Fame honours people who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of logistics and supply chain management. Highly deserving entrepreneurs, managers, scientists and personalities from history should not be forgotten and their achievements should be remembered by future generations of logistics professionals with this eternal hall of fame. Dr Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport, is the patron.


The members are anchored in the statutes as the core of the hall of fame. Through their work, they have significantly and sustainably advanced logistics beyond the boundaries of their own company. They stand for the great milestones of the industry. The Logistics Hall of Fame also presents two donated awards: the Logistics Leader of the Year Award and the Lynn C. Fritz Medal for Excellence in Humanitarian Logistics.


With the Logistics Leader of the Year Award, the Logistics Hall of Fame and STILL GmbH jointly honour entrepreneurs and managers from the transport and logistics industry. The focus is on topicality and the benefits for the company as well as innovative strength, sustainability and entrepreneurial change. The award is presented once a year.


With the Lynn C. Fritz Medal for Excellence in Humanitarian Logistics, the Logistics Hall of Fame honours humanitarian organisations and their partners for outstanding logistics projects. The award is intended to motivate humanitarian organisations to permanently improve their supply chains and to highlight the key role of professional supply chain management in the success of aid projects. The award is presented once a year by the Logistics Hall of Fame and sponsored by the Fritz Institute in San Francisco (USA).


The prerequisite for all awards is that one is nominated or applies. This is free of charge and only possible on the internet at Who is nominated is confidential.


The voting procedure for all awards is two-stage: In the first round of voting, a council nominates the finalists from all proposals and makes a voting recommendation to the international jury. The election by the jury is database-based and secret. An independent election commissioner monitors the proper conduct.


The admission of the new member and the honouring of both donor awards traditionally take place at a gala reception at the BMDV in Berlin.


Up to 80,000 people from over 150 nations visit the Logistics Hall of Fame every year at The Logistics Hall of Fame publishes a magazine and e-paper. Media worldwide report on the activities. There is currently no building of its own.


The Logistics Hall of Fame addresses all sub-sectors of logistics. It works neutrally, independently and not for profit. Numerous organisations and companies support the Logistics Hall of Fame


The European Trademark Office has confirmed the Logistics Hall of Fame's global standing.



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