• Franz von Taxis and Johann Baptista von Taxis (Tasso)

    Franz von Taxis and Johann Baptista von Taxis (Tasso)

    Founder of the international postal services

  • Henry Ford and Ransom Eli Olds

    Henry Ford and Ransom Eli Olds

    Inventors of assembly line production

  • James E. Casey

    James E. Casey

    Launcher of parcels services and founder of UPS

  • Norman Joseph Woodland, George Laurer, Bernard Silver

    Norman Joseph Woodland, George Laurer, Bernard Silver

    Inventors of the barcode

  • Lothar Raucamp

    Lothar Raucamp

    Fighter for the cooperative idea in logistics and founder of dedicated industry insurer KRAVAG

  • Gerhard Schäfer

    Gerhard Schäfer

    Initiator of the system concept and pioneer of storage logistics

  • Horst Mosolf

    Horst Mosolf

    Pioneer of vehicle logistics

  • Frederick W. Smith

    Frederick W. Smith

    Inventor of express logistics and founder of FedEx

  • Peer Witten

    Peer Witten

    Paved the way for Internet commerce and modern logistics

Members of the Logistics Hall of Fame

The Logistics Hall of Fame members have made outstanding efforts to promote the further development of logistics and supply chain management. Future generations of logisticians shall not forget the efforts and commitment of those who went before them.

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Finalists for Logistics Hall of Fame 2017 have been fixed

The finalists for election to the official Logistics Hall of Fame 2017 have now been decided. At a meeting of the nomination committee last Tuesday at the 7th Federal Conference Transport and Logistics, staged by the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) in Munich, the committee nominated eight individuals for induction into the international pantheon of logistics.

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Standing Ovations for the Milestones in Logistics History

Magic moments in the historic Erich Klausener Hall of the German Transport Ministry in Berlin: on November 29, 170 guests of honour from politics, academia, industry and the media celebrated the official induction of the 13 new members into the logistics pantheon with standing ovations. The pictures of the evening.

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